Joe Biden appeared in the PBS sponsored Democrat debates tonight. The gaffe-prone Democrat left Americans shaking their heads in the final moments of the debate with what can only be described as a bizarre imitation of a stuttering child.

Biden’s response to the final question of the debate was nothing short of stunning. When asked, “Would you give a gift or ask for forgiveness this holiday season?” Biden responded by saying, that he and his wife, Jill Biden, have a call list of about 20 – 100 people that they call “at least every week,” he appeared to realize his mistake, and changed his answer to “or every month,” to tell them “I’m here,” adding that he gives them his “private cell number.”

“They keep in touch with me,” former Vice President Biden explained.

Biden then did a bizarre imitation of a child stuttering, saying, “I…I…I” repeatedly, adding, “I can’t talk, what do I do?”

Biden then claimed he has “scores of these young women and men.” Who stutter?

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