Joe Biden added on to one of his many embarrassing moments as President this weekend after he once again walked the wrong way on a stage.

He appeared to be confused as he approached the audience, stopping in place at the edge of the stuff and doing a hop.

He then blew a kiss to the audience and gave a thumbs up, and then stood there for an inordinate period of time before Vice President Kamala Harris ushered him away, appearing panicked after it looked like Biden was going to jump off the stage.

“This is so weird. Joe Biden goes the wrong way on stage again, comes to the end of the stage, then tries to cover up his blunder by pretending to jump, and then jogged back the other way To prove that he’s physically capable and that it was intentional. Kamala literally had to grab him from falling off the stage”  One Truth Social user said, describing the incident.

The incident comes just days after Biden mistakenly called Kamala the President while wishing her a happy birthday.


Biden has had similar incidents in the past where he appeared to not be aware of his surroundings.

Other videos have surfaced showing him waving where no person seems to be at the receiving end.

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