After 82-year old Charlie Chase was allegedly assaulted by 27-year old Aidan Courtright for supporting President Trump, he got a surprise call from the president’s son Friday during the Howie Carr Show on WBSM.

Chase was a guest on the show when Donald Trump Jr. called in to speak with him:


“I saw your story. I’m sorry you had to go through that, and we really appreciate the support. That shouldn’t be going on in America, and I just want to say thank you for your steadfast loyalty and service to our country. It means the world to us.”

Donald Trump Jr. had previously tweeted out asking if anyone had the man’s contact information and then was able to speak with Mr. Chase on Carr’s show.


“An 82-year old wearing a Trump hat was attacked by a leftwing nut job in Massachusetts. All political violence is wrong, but what kind of person commits violence against an elderly man?”

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The video below is an interview from the local news:

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There were witnesses to the attack so police were able to track Aidan Courtwright down – his photo below:

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