“You can’t even go to the supermarket these days!”

Carmela Garcea found out the painful way, that activities as mundane as grocery shopping are no longer safe in her neighborhood. According to witnesses and responding police officers, 87-year old Garcea was sucker-punched in the back of the head as she left Morton Williams grocery store in Gramercy, NY, Saturday morning around 8:50 am.

“You can’t even go to the supermarket these days!” a shaken Carmela Garcea said, speaking with The NYPost following the unprovoked attack outside the store.

As Ms. Garcea was leaving the store, a deranged woman came up from behind, punched her in the head, and then crossed the street and laid down on the sidewalk. Responding police officers spoke with the assailant before slapping on handcuffs.

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According to police, the 30-year old suspect, Ashley Oliver, gave them an address at DoubleTree Hilton in Chelsea.

Ms. Garcea was treated at the scene, Oliver is being charged with second-degree assault.

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