For the past 7 months, Americans have winced every time the feeble 78-year-old Joe Biden steps in front of a microphone—or near a little girl—over fears about what he might say.

Although tough guy Joe talks a good game, the truth is, he’s a feeble, confused man whose mental and physical health both appear to be in rapid decline.

Here’s a video of Joe on April 19th, as he repeatedly falls down on the stairs leading onto Air Force One:

Republican US Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who is 11 years older than basement Joe, certainly doesn’t appear to be suffering from the same challenges as the nation’s top political official who can barely climb a flight of stairs or string two sentences together.

Tonight, while appearing at a Republican Party of Iowa event at the Sioux Center, US Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Tom Cotton gave the guests a surprising show when they dropped down on the stage and did 22 push-ups!

As the video of Grassley doing push-ups started to go viral on social media, Bloomberg Senate reporter Steven Dennis tweeted a “fun fact” about Grassley: he still gets up at 4:30 am to run 2 miles. Wow!


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