The mantra of the open borders bleeding heart liberals is that they need to help keep families together. We have a great idea! Why don’t they send these people back to their home country? We should not and cannot take people who’ve come here illegally. The more these churches support this illegal behavior, the more illegals will send their children alone to travel to the border. The most recent case that made national news was a 4-year old who was abandoned in the desert by smugglers. What parent would do this? The answer is LOTS AND LOTS OF PARENTS:

 Homeland Security warned in 2014 against parents sending kids across the border:

This year, a record number of children will cross our Southern border illegally into the United States. In the month of May alone, the number of children, unaccompanied by a mother or father, who crossed our southern border reached more than 9,000, bringing the total so far this year to 47,000.

What we’re saying is that these families chose to separate and put their child in danger. WE DIDN’T DO THIS TO THEM!

Nine houses of worship in Michigan officially declared themselves sanctuaries for illegals and called on other houses of worship to join them.

They called on congregations to stand on what they say is “the right side of history” as the U.S. government toughens immigration enforcement.

“We will not stand idly by while injustice occurs,” Rev. Jill Zundell, senior pastor at Central United Methodist Church, said at a press conference at her church. “We have a message today for Donald Trump: If you want these families you’re gonna have to come through us.”

These houses of worship are not exempt from following the law under President Trump. They are housing a family from Africa? Does anyone else feel like it’s just one big free-for-all using your tax dollars?

About 50 church leaders gathered on a Saturday last month at the UAW Local 600 hall in Dearborn to find out how to become sanctuary churches, and the legal ramifications of that designation.

The inspiration comes from the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s, when churches took in undocumented immigrants fleeing war in Central America. The Department of Justice under President Ronald Reagan prosecuted some church members for their activism, a precedent that worries some churches.

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