Fran Goldman walked six miles through the snow to her Sunday COVID-19 vaccination appointment after she woke up on Saturday to the winter weather.

“I had been spending a great deal of my time trying to get an appointment for a vaccination and finally on Friday, late afternoon I got one. I woke up Saturday to all the snow and thought ‘uh oh’. I know that our driveway is inaccessible in the snow,” Goldman told the outlet.

She said driving in the weather was out of the question so she decided to walk and she was determined to make the appointment because she’d been working for weeks to get it.

Goldman said she did a practice walk on Saturday, walking two-thirds of the way to the hospital and back. She said once she made the shorter trip she knew she could make the full six-mile round trip walk the following day.


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“I got my vaccination and then I was told I had to sit and wait 15 minutes to make sure there was no reaction and I said I’m delighted to sit,” said Goldman.

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She told the outlet that she is hoping to drive to her second vaccination appointment, weather permitting, but added she’d walk again if that’s the only option.

According to The Seattle Times, the region saw a total of more than 12 inches of snow over the weekend. It was just one part of the country that saw such conditions, with record-setting snowfall hitting numerous other states.

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