In May, two mass shootings that happened within ten days of each other wracked the nation.

In Buffalo, ten people were killed and three injured after a lone gunman entered a supermarket and began opening fire on innocent shoppers.  The shooter was taken in to custody by police and is currently facing charges of first-degree murder.

In Uvalde, Texas, nineteen schoolchildren and two teachers were killed when the shooter opened fire on a classroom at Robb Elementary School.  He was killed by a Border Patrol tactical team.

Uvalde police are under intense scrutiny for their response to the shooting.  Officers allegedly waited more than 90 minutes before subduing the shooter and arrested parents who attempted to enter the school.

Now, it has been revealed that a 911 operator in Buffalo ignored protocol and berated a panicked worker who called 911 during the shooting.  The operator hung up on the worker because she was whispering while the shooter was still active.

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The dispatcher has now been fired.

The Post Millenial Reports

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“A 911 dispatcher who shouted at and hung up on a worker hiding during a shooting in Buffalo last month has been fired.
Several workers at Buffalo, New York’s Tops Friendly Markets made 911 calls during the racially motivated attack that killed 10 people.

According to The Buffalo News, Tops’ assistant office manager Latisha Rogers called 911 almost immediately after shots were fired. She hid from the 18-year-old shooter while she made the call.

But the operator started yelling at Rogers, saying, “Why are you whispering? You don’t have to whisper.”

Rogers remained quiet. There’s a shooter in the store and she’s scared for her life, she said. She repeated that she didn’t want to be heard for fear of getting shot.

The dispatcher became angry and hung up on Rogers.”

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