Today’s math lesson will be on Covid19 numbers and percentages. Pay attention. There will be no quiz in the end, but the fate of the nation and even the world may hinge on people’s understanding of the numbers.

A math enthusiast took to Tik Tok with a guarantee that he could change people’s perspectives on the Covid19 numbers; infection and death rates in comparison to the world’s population at large. Below is a sampling of what the poster provided in his video.

World population: 7.8 Billion
Total Covid19 cases: 182 million
Percentage of people worldwide that became infected with covid:
182,000,000/ 7,800,000,000 =.023 or 2.3% of the world contracted Covid.

Get your calculators out and follow along as the instructor goes through the Covid case and death-rate equations, claiming a google search will show his numbers to be accurate as of mid-June, and proving that the world’s response including lockdowns, mask mandates, and risky vaccinations was extreme and unnecessary.


The Tik Tok video ends as the poster arrives at the number that should have people questioning their government’s motives. His last entry shows that the number of people who would get and die from Covid19 stands at a whopping .0004 or .04% of the population. He then asks the obvious question, “Why are we afraid?”

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