John Kerry gave a long-winded speech today claiming the Obama administration had been a friend to Israel. He went on and on describing the support to the Israeli military. He was clearly on the defensive after the debacle of the US abstaining in a vote by the UN Security Council to punish Israel. It’s been no secret that the Obama administration has been anti-Israel from the beginning, so Kerry’s speech was wasted air time. No one believes anything John Kerry says…his credibility had been lost long ago.

All you need to know about him was revealed when he flew singer James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got A Friend” after the horrific terror attack by Islamic terrorists. Obama and Kerry are clearly of the pacifist school of thought that will clear a path for the destruction of the West and Israel.

During his speech today he asked that Israel move its borders back to the 1967 location…something Obama had previously stated he’d like to see Israel do…WHAT ARE THESE TWO SMOKING?

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