Sometimes it pays to eat that double cheeseburger with bacon. Maybe supersize that order of fries next time you hit the drive-through. You never know when the extra pounds you pack on will save someone’s life. No, really.

Lucky for the thrill-seekers at a small-town carnival, it wasn’t necessarily the size and weight of the men that sprang to their defense, but the sheer number of them.

A carnival ride similar to one called 1001 Nachts, was filled with people and in full swing, hurling its riders high into the air when the base of the contraption ominously lifted off the ground. A rush of men, coming from all directions, hopped onto the structure hoping to weigh it down and keep it from tipping over. A person filming the ride caught the dramatic ordeal on a smartphone.

In the bottom right corner of the video, there is a young man who sees that the ride is not secure, and springs into action. His quick thinking caused others to follow, and their heroic efforts saved the unaware riders from certain injuries and possible death.

You can hear a woman gasp “oh my God” as she watched the event unfold:


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