An all-volunteer group of American veterans of the Afghan war have launched a mission called the “Pineapple Express” to help get at-risk Afghan elite forces and their families to safety. This ongoing operation by American hero veterans highlights the lack of understanding by the Biden regime that you never leave your brother behind…ever.

All photos ABC News 

The group includes retired Green Berets and SEAL Team commanders who volunteered because they fear people will be left for dead in Afghanistan.

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ABC News reports, the group worked with the U.S. military and U.S. embassy to move small groups to the controlled side of Kabul Airport.

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Former Navy SEAL Jason Redman: “They were driven by deep frustration that our own government didn’t do this. We did what we should do, as Americans.”

The group began rescuing people when they rescued one ex-Afghan commando and then kept going to rescue more people.

They have helped at least 630 people get to safely and evacuate out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Former Green Beret Capt. Zac Lois: “That is an astounding number for an organization that was only assembled days before the start of operations and most of its members had never met each other in person.”

Pineapple was used as a password given to US military members at the airport

The mission has been called “a Jason Bourne flick happening every 10 minutes.”

Read more about these American heroes: ABC News

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