MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts Joe and Mika are usually snarky when it comes to President Trump. Still, they’ve reached a new low with their latest swipe at a beloved Republican Senator who has an infectious Southern accent.

On their show last week, they mocked Senator John Kennedy for his strong Southern accent. They even accused the Louisiana Senator of “playing dumb on TV.” They then went even lower and claimed Kennedy is “dumb as dishwater.”

They said Senator Kennedy is “playing dumb” and acting “dumb as dishwater.”

Scarborough went even lower, claiming Kennedy’s strong Southern accent is “corn-pone…made-up.”

They even joked that Senator Kennedy, a longtime favorite in Louisiana politics, “actually talks like Sherlock Holmes when he’s behind closed doors in his house…and he has an eyepatch and a top hat and smokes a pipe.”

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These snobs couldn’t be more wrong about Senator Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy is such a joy to listen to for most people because he has a great way of getting his point across with humor and truth. The man is as smart as a whip!

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The segment on Tucker Carlson where Senator Kennedy was discussing opening the country back up after the coronavirus crisis:

Senator Kenedy has more common sense in his little finger than all of the MSNBC political hacks combined.

We’d like to know what you think about mocking Kennedy’s Southern accent? Is this out of bounds?

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