The video below is what we picture will happen if President Trump debated former Vice President Joe Biden.

We know President Trump is a fighter and a very smart one at that. Remember when he told Hillary on the debate stage, she’ll “be in jail”? A stunning takedown that came out of nowhere!

He’s been holding his cards close to the vest on the “spying” by our intel agencies, but he let it all hang out today calling out the intel leaders for “treason.” He pounced, like a cat.

Watch below, and you’ll see the result of a power move from a brave cat who scares a bear up a tree!

The shocking thing is that there is another video of a cat scaring a bear…Who knew?

The fighting spirit is what we saw in President Trump from the beginning. From the debates before the 2016 election to the way, he’s fought back throughout his presidency. Who else could do what he’s done? The answer is that no one could do what Trump has done.

If Joe Biden thinks he’s up against a candidate like Mitt Romney in 2012, he’s got another thing coming.

Biden just said today that he feels his son is off limits for an investigation on Ukraine. How is it that President Trump’s kids can be targets, but Biden’s are off limits?

This classic from the debates in 2016 is a perfect example:

“Because you’d be in jail” – PDT

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