Today, Nancy Pelosi insisted that the Joe Biden administration and her Democrat congress were so beloved by the American people that they needed unprecedented “supplemental” security forces in perpetuity, without any talk of an ending date.  This comes amid bizarre allegations by Democrats that Joe Biden won the presidency with more votes than any human being in the history of America.

Why is Nancy Pelosi afraid of  her own countrymen?  She insists they have all shifted so far into dementia and senility that they voted for the Joe Biden administration with the most votes in American history, so what is she afraid of?

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We previously reported that The Secretary of Defense insisted that there is no credible threat, yet 25,000 additional troops were brought in to Biden’s inauguration and about 7,000 still remain, for inexplicable reasons.  This, we are told, will go on until at least March some time, months after Biden’s eerie and empty–but extremely safe, inauguration.

But, why?

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Paranoia is a strong sign of dementia or senility and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are both very old and waning.  However, it is also reasonable to be paranoid if you know you have done something very wrong and fear the consequences of being discovered.

Maybe it is both

Constant militaristic displays are a hallmark of 3rd world dictatorships (think North Korea) to keep their serf populations under control and living in fear of their leaders.  But, Joe Biden and the new Democrat congress, we are told, are the new party of unity.  Yet, they seek to impeach a private citizen based on lies and label all conservatives as “The Enemy Within.”  Their Department of Homeland Security seems to have codified this labeling of their intellectual opponents as a perpetual enigmatic terrorist threat to America while their leftist supporters continue to violently riot across America after almost a full year.  This despite winning taking every major political win in the November election.

Does any of this make sense?  Are these people being in any way sincere or honest in their critiques of America or the people in it?

Rand Paul gave the answer to that question, perfectly on the senate floor the other day and we should all listen and know the quotes he discusses.


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