First Lady Melania Trump has been busy praying over sick children during her 9 day trip overseas – and it seems at least one of her prayers may have been answered.

In fact, mere hours after Mrs. Trump prayed over a little boy whose heart was failing, doctors told her they had found a donated heart that could end up saving his life. But you won’t hear that on your nightly news.

After she and her husband, President Donald Trump, visited the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis this week, it came out in the news that Mrs. Trump is, in fact, a practicing Catholic.

In their travels to the Holy See, Mrs. Trump also visited a Bambin Gesù Hospital, a Vatican-supported hospital in Rome. There, Melania met with many of the pediatric ward’s sick children, taking pictures with them and reading them books before spending some time praying at the hospital chapel, the Daily Mail reported. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Mrs. Trump, who’s fluent in five languages, also reportedly spoke to the children in their native Italian. She also left heartfelt, handwritten messages for the children before she left.

But something else very special happened at that hospital – the First Lady also reportedly prayed by the bedside of a little Greek boy who’s been waiting on a heart transplant.

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On Wednesday, just hours after spending time together, FLOTUS tweeted from her official account that she’d been told doctors had identified a donor heart for the little boy.

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This is such a heartwarming and positive story…Don’t count on the press reporting on this!

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