We previously reported on Biden’s crisis at the border as well as his Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas’ policy of mixed messages designed to incentivize illegal immigration.

Today, Trump’s former senior advisor, Stephen Miller responded unequivocally to Mayorkas’ unsubstantiated and provably inaccurate claims, calling him a flat-out liar:

“We have a crisis–A spiraling massive growing surging crisis…The Biden administration terminated [Trump’s border policies] to adopt a policy of ‘catch and release.’  So, when Mayorkas says…that the border is closed, he is lying. First of all, if you arrive at the border, illegally, 17 or younger traveling alone, you are resttled into the US interior and you are taken to the city and destination of your choice.  That is not a closed border.”

He also noted that family units, specifically are surging and being released into America with very little, if any, vetting of any kind.  This effectively creates a completely open border:

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“As for family units–and those number units are growing steadily and they are overwhelming border agents–According to my best sources, roughly 80% of family units that arrive at the border are likewise released into the US interior.  Some border agents are driving them directly to NGOs in border towns.  Other times they’re being sent to ICE and then ICE is releasing them under a program called ATD–or Alternative To Detention–which is a fancy way of saying ‘you’re going free.’  So, we have an open border in this country.”

Not only does this create a political crisis of dependent migrants who will statistically vote Democrat for many generations, but it also creates a very serious humanitarian crisis regarding human trafficking and children.  So, when responding to Pelosi saying that these policies were ‘values based,” Miller was easily able to dismantle her argument.

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“What value–what humanitarian principle is served by rewarding and encouraging the brutal monstrous trafficking of minors?  What value or humanitarian principle is served by making it easier for criminal organizations to savagely assault innocent men women and children for profit?….that is what is happening right now!”

The Gateway Pundit Reports:

Former White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss the worsening Biden open borders crisis.

During their discussion Stephen unloaded on far left Speaker Nancy Pelosi who insists the open borders and trafficking of children is a humane policy.

Stephen Miller: And as far as Nancy Pelosi saying this is “value spaced”? What value what humanitarian principle is served by rewarding and encouraging the brutal, monstrous trafficking of minors? What value or humanitarian principle is served by making it easier for criminal organizations to savagely assault innocent men, women and children for profit? Because that is what is happening right now!

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