One of the most stunning parts of Tucker’s interview with Russia’s President Putin was the allegations by Putin that Ukraine is full of NAZI’s!

His words, not mine.  I just report.

And he didn’t just say it once….he said it multiple times!

He then said a primary goal of Russia is to “de-NAZI-fy” Ukraine!

According to Putin, the NAZI’s never really stopped, they just centralized in Ukraine (and many fled to South America and others joined the USA Space Program, but those are stories for another day).


The Legacy Media has done a complete blackout of this story.  But that’s why you have us!

Watch a few of these clips:

In light of those allegations waged by President Putin, we thought we’d do a little investigation of our own, since we have covered this MANY TIMES before here at WLTReport.

This is not a new concept.

So I put together a 6-part series on the History of NAZI’s In Ukraine.

It’s very eye-opening, please enjoy (and SHARE it)!

Part 1:

TRUTH REVEALED: Did George Soros Admit To Being a Nazi?

Part 2:

Why Is Ukraine’s Zelensky Wearing The NAZI Iron Cross?

Part 3:

PUTIN: We’re On A Mission To “De-Nazify” Ukraine!

Part 4:

FACT-CHECK: Is Klaus Schwab Now Using a NAZI Symbol?

Part 5:

Even The NY Times Now Admits Ukraine Uses NAZI Symbols!

Part 6:

Trudeau Apologizes For “Nazi Mishap” In Congress — Blames Russian Disinformation

I probably could have made it a 20-Part series, but I'm stopped at 6 for now.

Sure does seem to be a LOT of strange things happening there!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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