There they are AGAIN! The Clinton grifters walked in a local parade. Hill got a little winded and Bill got confused…

Hillary and Bill walked in the New Castle/Chappaqua parade again this year, a tradition that has kept her in the media spotlight for several years, even after her failed run for president.

After the parade, Hillary gave an interview to and seemed a bit winded.

She had some obviously prepared rhetoric for the occasion about Benjamin Franklin. Very odd comments:

“Every year, we should remember,” she said, mispronouncing the word, “that we’ve got work to do to keep that republic,” talking about America.

Another video shows a confused Bill Clinton trying to figure out where he was supposed to go after the parade:

Hillary left Bill as he talked with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He wandered off confused about where he was supposed to go.  He had that signature mouth-open and dazed look he usually sports in public.

Cuomo departed, leaving Clinton wandering aimlessly and shaking hands.

Did you notice that Hillary is still wearing a full coat with a scarf? Questions surrounding what she’s hiding have been everywhere…is it a back brace?

When will these two grifters retire from politics? It can’t come soon enough!



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