Aaron Rodgers has been an outspoken critic of the government’s Covid-19 policy and an outspoken advocate of alternate treatments for Covid-19.  He has experienced extreme pushback as a result.   The NFL reportedly fined Aaron Rodgers last month for attending a party while unvaccinated.  Rodgers recently had an interview with PEOPLE where he expressed his frustration with the backlash. “He knew some people would disagree with him, but he didn’t know that it would become the s—storm it became. People who he thought were friends are turning on him. He’s upset. He’s very unhappy with the response to him.”  Interviewers said.  Now, he has claimed that his own fans were rooting against him during the NFL Playoffs due to his vaccination status.  The New York Post Reports


“Aaron Rodgers saw your memes. He wasn’t laughing.

The Packers quarterback sounded off at the legions of fans who he believed were only rooting against him during their game Saturday against the 49ers – which Green Bay lost, 13-10 – due to his outspoken views on COVID-19.

“There were a ton of people tuning in, rooting against us for one reason and one reason only,” Rodgers said Tuesday on “The Pat McAfee Show.” “It’s because of my vaccination status and them wanting to see us lose so they could pile on.”

Rodgers said that a decision could be coming soon on if he will remain with the Green Bay Packers or become a free agent:

“I’d like to be respectful of the organization,” Rodgers said. “One decision that will be upcoming will obviously be Davante and his future with the team. There is still this thing called a franchise tag, which I don’t think ’17’ wants the franchise.

“I think there should be enough to make a decision by then. I don’t want to put myself on a specific date, but I do want to be sensitive to Davante and many other guys who have decisions to make on their own futures. To drag it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization and to those guys, and that 100 percent will not happen.”

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