Superstar Quarterback Aaron Rodgers received a significant amount of backlash after it was revealed that he did not receive the Covid-19 vaccine and instead opted to use alternative Covid-19 treatments such as Ivermectin.

The news led to Rodgers going from a universally beloved Quarterback in the NFL to being villainized by liberal watchers and sports pundits.

While Rodgers has been clear about his views of the Covid-19 vaccine and the response to Covid-19, he has refrained from expressing his political allegiances.

When news of Rodgers being unvaccinated broke, he said that the right would ‘champion him’ while the left would ‘cancel him’, but refused to side with either.

In a newly released interview with Pat MCafee, Rodgers elaborated on his decision not to receive the vaccine and spoke out on other issues such as woke culture in the United States.

FOX News Reports

Aaron Rodgers made headlines last year when it became known he is unvaccinated against COVID-19.

The four-time NFL MVP said he was “immunized” against the virus, so many assumed he was vaccinated.

He wasn’t.

An NFL MVP voter even said he would not vote for Rodgers last year over the issue.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback says his stance on COVID vaccines has put a target on his back.

“There’s heroes and villains in sports and entertainment, and I think, because of my stance on COVID and maybe some other things, I’ve been cast as the villain. Especially the last few years,” Rodgers said on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“And so, that is the way that a lot of things I say are often interpreted.”

Rodgers said he does not feel like a victim, nor is he upset about how people interpret what he says.

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