Talk about being late to the party….

And even then having to introduce the word “potential”.

But still, this is a huge about-face from a so-called “Mainstream Media” news 0utlet.

Of course we warned you YEARS in advance, which is why 5+ million people trust our reporting each month (and growing!).

But nice to see ABC News finally starting to get close to the truth here:

Here are more details from that report, from ABC News:

Older adults who received last year’s COVID booster and a high-dose version of the flu vaccine in the same visit may have a potential increased risk of stroke, according to a new FDA-funded study.

Experts urged that the results were preliminary and may be explained by other factors such as the fact that older adults are already at a higher risk for stroke due to their age.

“There is no need for panic, and emphatically no need to stop giving COVID and flu shots at the same time to older adults,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, while he reiterated that more research is needed.

The results were also not yet peer-reviewed, meaning it hasn’t been vetted in the normal scientific process.

“These data should be considered by patients and their physicians, but there is no reason for alarm. The increased risk of stroke appears to be small and must be balanced against the known benefit of these vaccines in elderly individuals,” said Dr. Dan Barouch, director of the Center for Virology and Vaccine Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Last year, health authorities noted a safety signal for ischemic stroke in adults over the age of 65 after receiving the bivalent COVID vaccine, prompting further research.

“Additional data are needed before we can consider these findings definitive. It is good that the FDA has made these safety data available to inform the public,” Barouch said.

There was about a 20-35% increased stroke risk in older adults that received both shots in the same visits, according to the study.

“I don’t know that the risk is very meaningful on an individual patient basis,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease specialist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Meanwhile, CBS News is going the opposite direction, seemingly hellbent on continuing to push as many jabs as they can!


The shining light is Americans are waking up in droves:

If you took the jab and regret it (or were forced and took it against your will), keep reading!

Spike Proteins 101: What You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Safe

Dr. Peter McCullough has been one of the “good guys” from the very beginning.

One of the few physicians to actually honor his oath and “first do no harm”.

Wish we had a lot more like him.

But this latest clip really put it in perspective for me.


“I’m a cardiologist. I can tell you before COVID-19, I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career … two cases over decades. Now, I see two cases per day in the clinic.”

Check out this clip:

Watch the full discussion with Doctors Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis & more here:

But there is hope.

Recent research has shed light on potential strategies to mitigate the effects of the spike protein. Dr. Peter McCullough emphasized that the spike protein lingers in the body after vaccination due to the injected genetic code. As a result, there’s a pronounced need for therapeutic interventions that can aid in breaking down these proteins. Preclinical studies have pinpointed nattokinase, an enzyme found in fermented soybeans, as a potential aid in degrading the spike protein. Dr. McCullough recommends a dosage of 2000 units of nattokinase twice daily.

Additionally, Dr. McCullough endorses Spike Support Formula, which combines nattokinase with other beneficial ingredients like dandelion root and selenium, which can help protect against the lasting effects of spike proteins.

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TWC’s Spike Support Formula

‍Here’s why it’s so important….

Dr. Peter McCullough: You Must Understand Spike Shedding Before It’s Too Late

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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