After ABC News broke the General Flynn-Trump story, the stock market began its freefall, Americans were stunned by the news, and the media, who’s been searching for blood in the water since Trump’s inauguration, was in a feeding frenzy over the prospect of President Trump being caught directing General Flynn to meet with the Russians when he was actively campaigning. As it turns out, ABC News got it wrong. But no worries, several hours later, they “clarified” how the story should have read… 

ABC News’ major report on Michael Flynn and President Trump‘s direction on reaching out to the Russians has been corrected. Hours later. And Twitter is ripping the network over it.

Per multiple reports earlier, Brian Ross‘ report that Flynn is expected to testify Trump directed him to meet with Russians “as a candidate” was followed minutes later by a drop in the stock market.

But as Ross clarified on World News Tonight (video here), it was as President-elect, not as a candidate, and that is kind of a major difference.  – Mediaite

ABC News also tweeted out a clarification and deleted its earlier tweet:

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Twitter users responded to the “clarification” by ABC News, who should NEVER have gotten this story wrong in the first place. Jim VandeHei, CEO and co-founder of Axio slammed ABC for moving the markets and setting off a frenzy with their “massive” mistake:

Associate editor of the Daily Caller reminded ABC News that their “clarification” was actually a “huge correction.”

David Rubin reminded ABC News why no one trusts them anymore: “Reason nobody trusts the mainstream media 14,761”.

Twitter user “Echo Lew” called out ABC News for blaming their source and not Brian Ross, their “reckless reporter” who actually made the mistake:

ABC News has apparently earned a new name to go along with their acronym.

And then, finally, Twitter user Jake Blum called ABC News  out for reporting  “fake news”:


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