On Sunday, the coordinated talking point of the Democrat Party and their allies in the mainstream media was ABC’s new poll showing that Trump is in trouble over his handling of COVID.

ABC News White House Correspondent Karen Travers tweeted the very skewed results of the ABC Ipsos poll:

ABC News wrote: Most Americans are skeptical of President Donald Trump’s performance on the coronavirus pandemic — disapproving of his response, disbelieving of his rhetoric on the virus and critical of what they view as his lagging approach to containing it, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Sunday finds.

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Trump’s approval for his handling of COVID-19 lands at 35% in the new survey, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel, compared to 65% who disapprove. This marks the fourth straight poll with Trump’s COVID response approval hovering in the low-to-mid 30s since early July.

In six months of polling on the virus, Trump’s approval for his stewardship on the pandemic reached a low of 33% in a July 10 poll, after reaching a high in the early days of the crisis — 55% in a March 20 poll.

Along with their skewed poll, ABC News ran a ridiculous segment, attacking President Trump. The ABC “news” segment felt more like a paid Biden campaign propaganda piece against President Trump, reminding their viewers that ABC News has thrown every ounce of objectivity out of the window in their efforts to prevent President Trump from winning re-election.


ABC News pushed the results of their bogus poll on Twitter:

MSNBC correspondent Chris Jansing helped to push the fake poll:

The problem is, the details about who was surveyed in the bombshell poll, was completely ignored. It was almost as though the media didn’t want to reveal their dirty little secret.

President Trump tweeted an article by the National Pulse exposing the truth about the poll. Trump’s tweet broke down the key parts of the findings: Of the only 533 not likely voters, over 20% more were Biden supporters. President Trump correctly named the poll a “Fake,” adding that “ABC is just like the rest of them!”


This so-called “poll” should be of concern to every American who blindly trusts the “major” networks like ABC.

From the National Pulse:


The poll – cited across the news media on Sunday – purported to show the public at odds with the President over the coronavirus pandemic as well as the widely debunked story about his supposedly derogatory comments about the military.

But the poll is almost less scientific than a Twitter survey, given who was polled and in what percentages and ratios.


In total, the poll quizzed 31 percent Democrats, and just 25 percent Republicans. The pollsters also surveyed 38 percent, self-identified independents.

In a telling detail, pollster Ipsos actually refused to reveal these party breakdown numbers on their website and in their PDF of the poll. Instead, they opaquely state: “Party ID benchmarks are from recent ABC News/Washington Post telephone polls.”

Recent ABC/Washington Post polls also stacked the decks in favor of Biden supporters, with the July polling quizzing 522 Biden supporters versus 399 Trump supporters. That amounts to a 27 percent inbuilt bias for Biden supporters.

ABC News itself was more upfront about the numbers, revealing the stark difference between Democrats and Republicans surveyed.

The poll also failed to approach registered or likely voters: a key factor when attempting to rely on polling as a means by which to inform an election.

The National Pulse Editor-In-Chief Rahee Kassam tweeted about the fake polls:

Even Rasmussen called out the Ipsos poll, suggesting that Google is pushing their bogus polls to the top of their search engine. In their tweet, they accused Google of showing Ipsos polls when users try to search for Rasmussen. They also show how Ipsos was predicting Sanders as the winner of the Democratic Party election when all other major polling firms were calling Biden the winner.


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