ABC really miscalculated when the pulled the plug on the wildly popular Roseanne show and replaced it with a spinoff that involved killing off the show’s namesake and creator, Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne Barr got fired from the “Roseanne” show after she posted some rather controversial tweets criticizing and poking jokes at former President Barack Obama’s pal Valerie Jarrett. Roseanne’s tweets were in jest, but that didn’t stop the mob mentality from calling for her to get the boot and ABC fell for it.

Only days before “The Connors” was set to debut on ABC without their creator, Roseanne Barr, the Daily Mail reported that ABC executives admitted they may have over-reacted, and are now worried they made a big mistake.

“People want Roseanne – they don’t want the family by themselves”

Top ABC brass may have acted too swiftly by pulling the plug on Roseanne – fearing the show’s replacement spin-off will flop without its star.

It looks like ABC executives were correct about the Trump supporting star of the show…

“The Roseanne-free Roseanne spinoff- “The Conners” – was beaten by literally everything in the ratings last night”, wrote the popular conservative Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter.

“The Conners” dropped in everything last night–total viewers, key demo. In the nightly ratings battle. the “Roseanne” spin-off continues to trend downward.

Last night, “The Conners” was beaten by everything- “NCIS,” “The Voice,” etc. This was their first really objective run, no World Series, nothing to distract potential viewers.

But the key demo sank, which isn’t a good sign. And the total viewers were down by 180K, which is a lot, frankly. People are leaving and they’re not coming back.

ABC has ordered 1 extra episode to the original order of 10. Sounds to me like a finale. Someone wakes up and says they dreamt Roseanne died. There’s a cackle from the next room. Fade to black. –Showbiz411

ADDENDUM Variety is reporting that John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert are each being paid $375,000 an episode. Let’s say Lacy Goranson and Michael Fishman get $100,000 apiece, then there the kids and DJ’s ex-wife. That’s a heavy load per week if the ratings keep falling. “The Conners’ has to be added to “Roseanne”‘s syndication package eventually– it will never reach 100 episodes and have its own package. So Werner TV is in trouble, with millions going out and not enough coming back. “The Conners” is doomed.

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