On this anniversary of Roe VS Wade, it is so important for Americans to understand that just because 43 years ago today, a majority of Supreme Court Justices ruled that women can legally kill the babies God placed in their wombs…it’s still the taking of a life… 

“Remember the one that he did? That the baby…the fetus came out, and it was alive and he had thought he had actually killed it already and the ‘fetus’ opened up his eyes and grabbed his hand, his finger?”

“A lot of times he would bring the big fetus that were over-age in a bag and we would say “Oh my g*d, that’s a big baby! It would take us over an hour to do an abortion that big.”

“The women that go there [abortion clinic] have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. And a lot of questions would want be, “Does the baby feel?” And I would think it would make me so mad because I would say ‘Why does that matter to you, when you’re coming in here to kill your baby?'” 

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