This video shows the frightening ease with which a hacker is able to completely change the outcome of an election. At the end of the video, Bev Harris, the founder of gives a few suggestions about how we can help to fight and identify voter fraud. Please don’t let this video discourage you from voting. Not every vote is going to be hacked, and not every precinct is using a GEMS system. If you live in a precinct that has an electronic voting machine, remember…you may ask to vote with a paper ballot.

Here is the full version of the video that has been shortened (below). The only fault in this video is that Bev Harris is working under the premise that the only people who steal votes are primarily white Republicans.

We’ve worked as poll challengers in Pontiac, Michigan in a polling place that housed 3 voting precincts. We witnessed unbelievable voter fraud that appeared to be strictly in favor of the Democrat party candidates. Voter fraud is not a Republican, Democrat, Independent, White, Black, Hispanic or Asian issue…it’s an issue that every American citizen should be concerned about. We should all be willing to take whatever action is necessary to protect the sanctity of our vote. Get involved. Be a poll challenger or poll watcher. Find out if you can be a witness to counting the absentee ballots in your area. Becoming active in thwarting voter fraud has never been more important than it will be in this upcoming election.

Here is the shortened version:

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