During the Democrats’ first debate last month, Bernie Sanders said “we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway, and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people.” Denmark’s Prime Minister came out swinging, demanding that Sanders get his facts straight, “Denmark is not a socialist nation, it has a “market economy.” Democrats have been working for decades to adopt the progressive policies based on political correctness that permeates most European nations.

Sweden, the “Rape Capitol” of the world, is a perfect example of how well their politically correct, open-border policies have worked out for them. As the Muslim invasion of these European nations escalates, we are seeing this indifferent attitude of “live and let live” that only benefits those Muslim invaders who have no intention of assimilating in their host nations. This video shows how a nation gripped with fear reacts with apathy towards the criminal as opposed to taking action to save the supposed victim. It illustrates how easily a group of invaders can overtake a nation conditioned to accepting everyone, so as not to offend anyone.

“Sadly, we live in a country which has the highest rate of reported cases of rape. And this land is called Sweden. Rape is a very serious crime which not only affects our country, but the rest of the world. So in our new social experiment, we put Swedish citizens up for a test.”  

This video is a great example of what happens to a nation who puts political correctness before the safety and security of its citizens:


A poor girl can be heard screaming for help from the backseat of a car. There is no question she is being sexually assaulted, yet one after another, Swedish citizens continue to walk by pretending not to hear.

At one point in the video, the “rapist” a brave passerby took action to stop him. Sadly, most of the other apathetic citizens were satisfied to look the other way, so as not to get involved.

“The biggest sin of the humankind is indifference.”


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