“Rep. Steven Smith” posted a stunning CNN video on Twitter, showing what looks like a third world country, but is actually a 49 square blocks of downtown Los Angeles known as “Skid Row”.

CNN interviews Reverend Andy Bales who runs Union Rescue Mission, in the heart of “Skid Row”. Reverend Bales, who is wheeling himself around “Skid Row” in a wheelchair with a bandaged foot, explains to the CNN interviewer how he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while walking around in the horrific, unsanitary conditions of “Skid Row”.  Reverend Bales told CNN that this area has remained unchecked since the 1970’s when government leaders envisioned a “centralized hub for the needy.”  Bales explains that the police officers who patrol this area are assigned to “maintain peace” in this area and are doing an almost impossible job, telling the CNN interviewer, “We need a holy embarrassment that will cause us to take action.” The CNN reporter asked him if he thinks the embarrassment will come soon?  “If it hasn’t come this week, I believe it’s coming soon.

CNN then shows a clip from a violent shooting of “an unarmed homeless man” by police officers caught on video. CNN explained the shooting to their viewers, “This week, when LA PD officers shot and killed an unarmed homeless man, in a violent encounter caught on tape, a rare Skid Row death, noticed.”  CNN of course never mentioned what caused the police officers to open fire on the homeless man, they only showed the violent footage and moved on to interview another homeless man who happened to see the shooting take place.

CNN also left out the most important element of this story, they left out the part about how the district where “Skid Row” is located, is also the district represented by the Democrat Congressman, Adam Schiff, who has spent the better part of the last year doggedly pursuing a fake Trump-Russia collusion story, in hopes of embarrassing or even destroying the reputation of our sitting President.

Meanwhile…life goes on, in an unimaginable third-world, hell-hole, for men, women, and children, created by elected Democrat government officials at the local, state and federal level.


The awesome conservative actor, James Woods, who is never afraid to speak the truth on Twitter, had called out the shifty lawmaker, Adam Schiff today, suggesting Schiff “should “shut his pie hole and do something for these poor souls in his district.”

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