Randy Quaid is a loony actor who likes to read President Trump’s tweets. The latest one is hysterical.

Quaid reads out the tweet from President Trump where he gives Adam Schiff a nickname.

This is one of the things President Trump does so well. He trolls his opposition with funny nicknames. He did it with success during his 2016 campaign and has continued the tradition. The left is going crazy over the tweet below:


Listen to Quaid as he reads out the tweet…Bonkers!

Of course, Mueller didn’t have to be “approved by the Senate” but it’s interesting that President Trump makes the point in his tweet. Should a Special Prosecutor be approved by the Senate? Good question.

The left is going crazy on social media about President Trump’s tweet. He trolls the left beautifully.

One more reading of a tweet from President Trump:

“The only collusion…”

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