It’s always fun when Hollywood shows a conservative side. Rob Low does just that with his Twitter bashing of socialist whack job Bernie Sanders. Good stuff! 

Actor Rob Lowe invoked his “West Wing” character Sam Seaborn to blast Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders‘ communication style Monday night in CNN’s Democratic Town Hall.

Mr. Sanders attacked Wall Street for corporate greed and “recklessness,” while warning that the wealthy would have to pay more taxes under his presidency.

“Watching Bernie Sanders. He’s hectoring and yelling at me WHILE he’s saying he’s going to raise our taxes. Interesting way to communicate,” Mr. Lowetweeted to his 1.22 million followers.

This prompted some to ask Mr. Lowe what his “West Wing” character, a Democratic deputy White House communications director, would have advised Mr. Sanders to do instead.


“He would say: ‘modulate, senator,’” Mr. Lowewrote, linking to a clip from the show, where his character took issue with some people on his own side pushing for increased taxes on the country’s highest earners, CNN reported.

“I’m not talking about policy. I’m talking about rhetoric, and the men you work for need to dial it down to five,” Mr. Lowe says in the clip.


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