Megyn: “What about Tim Allen? You’re one of the few conservatives in Hollywood. You’re out of the closet as a conservative. Who do you like for President?”

Megyn: “What about Hillary Clinton?”

Tim Allen: “All my staff, we asked the girl writers, the females, the women…they said ‘It’s about time”. So one of us said, “If it was Sarah Palin…would it still be ‘about time’?”

Tim Allen: “Did she [Hillary] actually bark like a dog? Did I actually see that? She doesn’t have a skill set for jokes. She’s just not…her husband, who I’ve met, and is actually kind of a neat guy. Although, he was eyeballing my wife the entire time we were talking. I think this guy…he really was. And he kept looking at me, but he kept looking at her ‘Heh, heh, how you doing, it’s nice talking to ya, I really love your show.’”

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