LOL! If I was Cage’s manager, I’d suggest he shut his mouth and act.

Think your money troubles are bad? Trying blowing through $150 million, going broke, then owing the IRS $13 million. Yes, we’re talking about Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage.


Forbes listed him as one of the highest-paid actors of all time. It’s said he made $40 million in 2009 alone. That’s a lot of money!

Unfortunately, the fun was short-lived. As his income increased, so did his insane buying habits.

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By the time he reached his mid-forties (he’s now 53), Nicolas Cage spent so much cash that he put the King of Arabia to shame. While he blamed his money manager for sending him “down a path toward financial ruin,” others say it was his crazy personal spending. –Finance Buzz

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Fast forward to today, where Nicholas Cage has been offered the role of Ronald Reagan in an upcoming film, but is reportedly voicing his concerns about how the former president will be portrayed in the picture.

The Oscar-winning actor is said to be worried that it might damage his career if he plays Reagan in a flattering light reports Page Six.

Cage’s publicist, Stephen Huvane, dismissed that report however, saying: ‘It’s way too early in the development process.’

Little else is known about the film at this time, including the director, screenwriter or who else might star alongside Cage, should he accept the part. –Daily Mail

Typical Hollywood liberal lunacy defined… 


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