This week, actress Jane Fonda, 85, appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to promote her new movie “80 for Brady.” During the interview, Fonda expressed her belief that racism was to blame for the “climate crisis.”

Jane Fonda, 85

Fonda, along with her co-stars Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, discussed social activism and how they got involved in it.

“For me, it was learning about the Vietnam War,” said Fonda. “And when I really understood what that was about, I couldn’t not do anything except try to join the movement to stop it.”

“And that was where it started?” asked host Kelly Clarkson.

“Well, you know, you can take anything – sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever, the war, and if you really get into it and study and learn about it and the history of it and the – everything’s connected,” said Fonda.

There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism,” she boldly stated.

Moreno asked her co-star to elaborate on how she came to that conclusion.

Fonda responded, “Where would they put the sh*t? Where would they put the poison and the pollution? They’re not gonna put it in Bel Air.”

“They’ve gotta find some place where poor people, or indigenous people, or people of color are living… Put it there, they can’t fight back,” Fonda said. “And that’s why a big part of the climate movement now has to do with climate justice.”

Fonda has been active in political activism for a long time. In 1970, she formed an anti-war show called the “Free Army Tour” (FTA) with actor Donald Sutherland. In 1972, Fonda infamously toured North Vietnam to protest the war.

This trip earned her the nickname “Hanoi Jane” after she spoke out against the U.S. military policy on radio shows in Vietnam, and was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi that would be used to shoot down American planes.

Jane Fonda in North Vietnam (1972)

Since this tour, Fonda has repeatedly admitted her mistake in taking the controversial photo, and has explained that she was not against soldiers, but instead in protest of the U.S. government and its policies.

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