The Democrat Chair of the House Impeachment Committee is having a very bad day.

From the Democrat lawmaker’s secret hearings inside a hidden bunker on Capitol Hill to the embarrassing nothing-burger testimony of multiple witnesses, who were supposed to convince voters that Trump is not fit to win another election, the Democrat impeachment sham has officially become a laughing stock.

Former Ambassador Volker to NATO, Kurt Volker, infuriated the Democrat Party’s impeachment circus ringleader, Adam Schiff when his testimony regarding his July 10th meeting with NSA John Bolton and then-Ukrainian Chairman of the National Security and Defense Council. According to Schiff, in his deposition, Volker claimed, “As I remember the meeting was essentially over when Ambassador Sondland made a generic comment about the investigations, I think all of us thought it was inappropriate. The conversation did not continue, and the meeting concluded.”

During the meeting in question, Ambassador Sondland allegedly said he’d worked out a deal with White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney that Ukraine President Zelensky could have a meeting with President Trump if Ukraine agreed to open up investigations into Biden.

Chairman Schiff, who was clearly not satisfied with Volker’s response, admonished the Ambassador for changing his recollection of what happened in his July 10th meeting, saying, “Mr. Volker, we asked you about your meeting during your deposition, and you told us nothing about this. Umm…I believe we asked you about why the meeting came to an end, and why you had earlier indicated to Ambassador Taylor that it did not go well.” Schiff asked, “Why didn’t you tell us about this?”

Ambassador Volker explained, “Because that’s what I remembered about the meeting.” He continued to explain that after his October 3rd statement, he’s seen other statements from Fiona Hill and Alex Vindman and that he is giving his account now, of how he remembered the details of the meeting.

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A very unhappy Schiff reminded Volker that Democrats spent between 6-8 hours obtaining his deposition, and this was not the testimony he was hoping for. “You didn’t remember that Gordon Sondland had brought this up in the July 10th meeting with the Ukrainians, and  Ambassador Bolton called an end to the meeting, and Ambassador Bolton described that meeting as some drug deal that Sondland and Mulvaney cooked up? You have no recollection of that?” Schiff asked.

Ambassador Volker told him that is not what happened, that the meeting did not end abruptly, and that at the conclusion of the meeting, the members took a photograph together in front of the White House.

Things went from bad to worse when witness Tim Morrison refused to play along with Schiff, as he begged him to say it’s wrong for President Trump to call for investigations into former Vice President Biden.


Chairman Schiff apparently hasn’t learned his lesson about how fabricating quotes from President Trump doesn’t help the Democrats impeachment case. He was caught fabricating quotes again, today.

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Adam Schiff also lied during his opening statement for Ambassador Volker and Tim Morrison’s testimony. Breitbart’s Joel Pollak tweeted about his lie.


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