This is just stunning! Free speech in our nations capitol under Obamas reign is now determined by your political bent…

Live video archived at Periscope shows U.S. Park Police officers detaining and searching a peaceful anti-Hillary Clinton demonstrator in the area of the opening ceremony for the National Museum of African-American History on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Saturday afternoon.

Here is the video the protester is referring to with his sign, where Hillary refers to young black men as “super predators” and suggests we “need to bring them to heel.”

Trump supporter Jack Posobiec went to the Mall dressed in an orange prison outfit wearing a blond wig and Hillary Clinton mask while holding a sign that read “Blacks are super predators – H” The sign referenced a controversial remark Clinton made while First Lady in the 1990s. Clinton was not at the museum opening that was attended by President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush.

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After walking around on the sidewalk and closed street on the Mall near the new museum, Posobiec is surrounded by uniformed Park Police officers led by a Black officer who proceeds to interrogate Posobiec and demand his ID. The reasons for detaining and searching Posobiec ranged from “holding a sign”, a bogus claim of “threatening the president” by just being there, holding a can of Monster and an implied statement that he was annoying Black people with his demonstration.

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Here is a video of Jack protesting. It appears the only people offended by his protest are Obama’s US Park Police. You can see the initial encounter with the US Park police at the 10:28 mark:

The audio is difficult to hear at times, but the Black officer demands to know why Posobiec is protesting. He answers he is not protesting but is (garbled.)

The Black officer says, “You can do that anywhere. You can do that on You Tube. You can do that on Twitter. Why are you here?” Posobiec’s response is garbled.

The Black officer then demands, “Do you have any weapons on you?” More back and forth and then the Black officer takes the Hillary sign from Polosiec and puts it on the ground and then orders his hands raised and put on his head and then to turn around.

As the Black officer starts to search Polosiec he focuses on the photographer filming and orders his officers to search the photographer saying, “You okay? You wanna check him out too cuz he’s like doing all the filming. Let’s make sure he doesn’t have anything on him.”

The Black officer orders the camera being taken out of the photographer’s hands so he can be ‘properly’ searched.

The camera continues filming at ground level while police search and interrogate the photographer who after a while appears to sit down. Prosobiec can be seen a few feet away sitting down on the sidewalk being detained by officers.

After eight minutes of being detained the Black officer says to Polosiec, “You are perfectly within your rights but I’d advise you to (garbled) but if you come back (garbled,)” The lecture is hard to hear, but the Black officer claims he doesn’t care about Polosiec’s politics and warns him that someone might (attack) him over the sign and the that he” wouldn’t come back to save you. You’re free to go.”

The Black officer then walks over to the photographer to repeat the lecture, saying “It is not a wise move to do it here, but you can do it here. (Garbled) coming back possibly to save you. Alright? You want to go the White House or…Lafayette Park if you’re under 25 people that’s not a problem you can still make the same statement people feel comfortable…This particular venue is not a wise place. But you can do, alright you’re free to go, alright?”

Posobiec then starts speaking to the camera that there were numerous Black Lives Matter protesters around who were not being detained by police.

Posobiec vows to continue his protest at the location.

This writer was a prolific conservative activist with the Washington, D.C.chapter of during the Clinton and Bush years and never witnessed or experienced any officer with federal or D.C. police agencies ask for ID or search a peaceful protester acting and dressed similarly to Prosobiec. The late FReeper Doctor Raoul Deming would wear masks and costumes to protest Bill and Hillary Clinton and was never searched or had ID demanded in D.C. over the course of hundreds of protests.

In fact D.C. has some of the most lenient laws for protesters that allow spontaneous street demonstrations that block traffic where arrests can be made only after three prolonged warnings.

Prosobiec was in a public place, not blocking traffic, and was not acting belligerent or threatening. He was exercising his First Amendment rights but as the officer implied because his audience was Black people, he should take his protest elsewhere like the White House of Lafayette Park (same thing, really, as a protest locale.)

via: Gateway Pundit

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