Yesterday, Joe Biden, who called Trump’s early travel ban from China, where the COVID virus orignated “racist,” banned travel from mostly Black countries in Africa over a new variant of COVID. New York’s new Democrat Governor, Katie Hochul, readied her state for new lockdown measures. Our dishonest media enthusiastically joined Dr. Fauci and loyal Democrats to press the panic button over the Omicron variant.

So, how deadly is the new Omicron variant? Here’s what the South African doctor who first spotted the new COVID variant had to say about Omicron and how it’s affecting her patients:

South African Dr. Angelique Coetzee was first to spot the new Covid variant Omicron. In an interview with the BBC, she expresses her frustration with the distortion of the truth about the new variant, telling the BBC, “So far, what we have seen is very, very mild cases,” Dr. Coetzee, who’s at “the epicenter” of the latest outbreak of the new Omicron variant questions the facts that were used to make the decision to cancel flights to and from Africa.

According to Dr. Coetzee, the symptoms of the Omnicron COVID virus include: “Body aches and pains with a bit of headache—not really a sore throat, more of a scratchy throat. No cough and no loss of smell or taste.”

“So, I’m not sure why we are all up in arms?” Dr. Coetzee told the BBC. “We know there are a lot of mutations,” adding,” We need more time is needed before we know the seriousness of the disease for vulnerable people.” She added, ”

“We haven’t admitted anyone. I spoke to other colleagues of mine– and it’s the same picture.”

The BBC host asked if she believes the US, Britain, and Isreal are panicking unessecarily? She answered, “Yes.”

Watch Dr. Coetzee tell the BBC’s Andrew Marr how patients in South Africa have told her they’ve been feeling:

Paul Joseph Watson mocked the dishonest media and so-called “medical experts” who spent most of the day yesterday pushing panic porn on the world over the new Omicron variant.

Are you tired of being misled by the so-called “medical experts,” dishonest media, and politicians with an agenda to keep citizens under their perpetual control?

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