You seriously cannot even make this up! Barack Hussein Obama has been willfully ignoring unprecedented, hate and violence that’s been organized and paid for by the Left since his first term in office. We’ve watched “Occupy Wall Street” morph into the “Black Lives Matter” terror group and now, that group has morphed into a violent anarchist “Anti-Trump” movement (thanks to the financial backing of the evil billionaire and Hillary campaign funder, George Soros).


People are on the streets literally calling for the murder of innocent people on TV. The media is covering the riots 24/7. CNN even went so far as to film an anti-Trump rant by a pro-Hillary man who, it was later revealed is actually a CNN cameraman.
New evidence is cropping up every day, proving these violent riots are not a result of a “grassroots movement” against Trump, but instead, a phony manufactured movement financed by evil billionaire George Soros, who also was a major contributor to both Obama and Hillary’s campaigns.


Pictures of busses lined up for city blocks near protests are being captured by citizens. Images of Craig’s List ads looking for protesters who are willing to be paid to come out and stir things up on the streets are appearing on a regular basis.
Here’s a notice that was allegedly found after some of the rioters cleared out:


Yet the media and those on the Left are somehow attempting to blame the violence aimed at Trump and his supporters at Trump and his supporters. Like I said earlier…you just can’t make this up…

Here’s just one of many discussions of assassinating Trump onTwitter: 


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Here’s a sweet little girl on Twitter who appears to be Hispanic with a vile anti-Trump message, showing a picture of a bloodied and body-less “Trump head” that appears to be sitting on a bed:


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Even this writer, who allegedly works for The Guardian was openly calling for Trump’s assassination:
assassinationHere’s a touching story about an 11 year old boy who was beaten by his classmates after he admitted to voting for Trump in a mock-election at school:

And unbelievably, the media weighs in on the “fear” that pro-Hillary Americans are feeling right now.

A cement barrier was just constructed around the perimeter of Trump Towers in New York City and a no-fly zone over his New York residence was just announced yesterday. Meanwhile, our current Community Organizer in Chief remains silent.


We never heard a peep from the New York Times when Ferguson was burning to the ground, or Baltimore was on fire. Barack Obama remained silent and the media never pressed him on it. But today is a different story. Today, we have a Republican President-elect and the New York Times has finally found their voice.
Here is a portion of the NYT’s article:

Denounce the Hate, Mr. Trump

In his victory speech early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump pledged that he “will be president for all Americans,” and he asked those who did not support him “for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.”

Here’s some guidance right off the bat, Mr. President-elect: Those sentiments will have more force if you immediately and unequivocally repudiate the outpouring of racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic insults, threats and attacks being associated with your name. Do this in a personal plea to people who supported your candidacy. Tell them this is not what you stand for, nor is it what your new administration will tolerate.

Explicit expressions of bigotry and hatred by Trump supporters were common throughout the campaign, and they have become even more intense since his election. On a department-store window in Philadelphia, vandals spray-painted “Sieg Heil 2016” and Mr. Trump’s name written with a swastika. In a Minnesota high-school bathroom, vandals scrawled the Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and next to it, “Go back to Africa.” There are many more reports pouring in of verbal and physical harassment of Muslims, Latinos and other members of minorities. Though not all are verifiable, the atmosphere of intimidation and fear is unquestionably real and will keep growing. Mr. Trump may not be able to stop it by himself, but he must do everything he can.

The problem, of course, is that Mr. Trump’s campaign was based on appeals — some explicit, some coded — to racial and ethnic resentment and division. His followers heard it starting with his speech declaring his candidacy, warning of Mexican immigrant “rapists,” continuing to a rally last weekend where he promised to bar all Syrian refugees because they “will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities.” These statements emboldened and even encouraged those who have been looking for a license to lash out against immigrants, refugees, minorities and anyone else they find threatening. They take his victory as vindication of their feelings.

Here are paid protesters and anarchists destroying public property and fighting with each other. Men are openly punching women…as other women beg them to stop. But this is probably Trump’s fault. He should just come out and denounce the “hate” against him and they’ll all go home to their parents basements….right?

And finally, from the NYT’s:

As a candidate, Mr. Trump could get away with ignoring racist and sexist abuse by his supporters. But as the president-elect, he has the moral duty to reject it in the most aggressive terms. There should be no space in American political discourse for violent or abusive behavior. And that includes, of course, acts of vandalism and other violence by anti-Trump demonstrators.



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