Was the GM bailout REALLY about American jobs? The taxpayers were sold a bill of goods on the GM bailout and still haven’t seen anything but jobs going overseas. The American worker and American taxpayer deserve better!

In 2016, General Motors will roll out for the first time in the United States a new model of Buick built exclusively in China: the Buick Envision.


It’s the first time the iconic American auto manufacturer will sell cars built in China in the United States since receiving a sizable taxpayer-funded bailout at the end of the George W. Bush administration and beginning of the Barack Obama administration.

The Buick Envision–which was available in China for purchase as far back as 2014–will make its official debut in the United States in the summer of 2016.

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The Buick Envision bills itself “a luxury crossover designed to turn heads and welcome you in.”

A quick search of “Buick Envision” leads to the Buick Envision’s website where one can explore all the features and design of the vehicle. The website doesn’t appear to make any reference to the fact that the Envision is manufactured in China.

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The issue of U.S. auto manufacturers moving production facilities overseas has taken a center stage this presidential election, with the rise of both billionaire Donald Trump in the Republican Party and of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%
of Vermont in the Democratic Party.

Trump has drawn attention to GM competitor Ford for the company’s decision to move manufacturing to Mexico, but Ford wasn’t the recipient of a taxpayer-funded bailout. Sanders, meanwhile, has used his opposition to the bailouts to show that he isn’t influenced by crony capitalism–all while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has tried to take credit for saving the auto industry with her support of the bailout.

Breitbart News reached out to American Jobs Alliance to get its reaction to GM’s decision to import Chinese-produced cars. “When the taxpayers bailed out General Motors, we were told it was all about saving jobs in America. Now GM turns around and throws Americans under the wheels of Buicks made in China. Where does it stop? Will General Motors build Cadillacs, Chevys and GMC trucks in China next?” Curtis Ellis executive director American Jobs Alliance told Breitbart News.

General Motors has also announced plans to sell a Chinese manufactured hybrid Cadillac, the CT6 in American markets.

“Flint was known for decades as Buick City. It’s now jobless, bankrupt and destitute,” Ellis continued.

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