Just last weekend, there was an eye-popping mass of people holding a ‘Trans Black Lives Matter’ protest in Brooklyn, NY.


The photos showed thousands of people gathered together and then marching in large groups down the streets of Brooklyn.

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Governor Cuomo claims in the video below that President Trump has taken a political position on the coronavirus “all along.” Still, it looks more like governor Cuomo is taking a political position on the coronavirus by picking and choosing the groups he admonishes for not complying with the lockdown.

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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper asked NY Governor Andrew Cuomo if he would allow a Trump rally right now:

“We’re seeing this now, this rally this weekend in Oklahoma, the president’s going to, theoretically, pack 19,000 people into an indoor arena. Doesn’t seem like there’s any social distancing. No one’s required to wear a mask, though they’ll probably hand them out. Would you allow a large political rally in New York, in these circumstances, in this time?”

Cuomo responded:

“No, no. Look, the president’s position all along has been a political position. His position was, you know, this is a virus, it’s the flu, don’t worry about it, reopen the economy, reopen the economy, reopen the economy. He believes his re-election is correlated to the economy. I don’t even think that’s right politically. I think it’s correlated to leadership, not to the Dow Jones stock market index. But that’s always been his position, just reopen the economy. The states that are doing that are seeing the virus go up and seeing their hospitals fill up, and their ICU beds fill up, and that’s going to, not only hurt the economy, it’s also going to cause more Americans to die.”

BLM event last weekend:

A massive ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ protest was held in Brooklyn, New York today. A video from the protest shows thousands packed in the streets.

NY Rep.Lee Zeldin wasted no time calling out the hypocrisy of having a huge ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ protest while New York State is still demanding that high school graduation be held to 150 people. He also said some businesses hadn’t been allowed to open yet.

Governor Cuomo has been singling out and threatening New Yorkers in the “Hamptons and Manhattan” (see below) but NOT the ‘Black Trans’ protest crowd.

Rep. Zeldin tweeted:

If this is OK, then it’s definitely NOT OK for the state to cap outdoor graduation ceremonies for NY’s High School seniors at 150 people. Not to mention countless businesses haven’t even been allowed to open up yet

New Yorkers are not happy about this hypocrisy. One angry New Yorker tweeted:

“On Friday we learned that summer sleepaway camps would not open in NY. Kids are being turned away from playgrounds in Brooklyn. Yet just a few miles away, this rally occurred today. The lockdown is over, except for the camps, schools & stores that are forced to comply with it.”

Another New Yorker said his family couldn’t open their restaurants, but this huge protest is allowed to happen:

A video showing the crowds:


A shot of the crowd:


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