Cruz was the final Senator to question AG Barr, during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings today. After Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), thanked U.S. Attorney General Barr for appearing before the committee where he would receive the “Kavanaugh treatment.” Cruz remarked about how the hearing today “has been quite revealing.” The Senator reminded everyone that one word the committee didn’t hear much of today was, “Russia.”

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“For two-and-a-half years, we heard Democrat Senators going on and on and on about Russian collusion. We heard journalists going on and on and on about Russian collusion, alleging among other things, some using extreme rhetoric, calling the President a ‘traitor'” Senator Cruz exclaimed.

The outspoken Texas Senator reminded AG Barr and everyone on the committee,”We have heard very little of that today,” explaining that Democrats have abandoned the Russian collusion scheme, for an attack on AG Barr over a March 27th letter from special counsel Robert Mueller. Cruz said the American people need to understand the truth about their accusations against Mueller.

Cruz laughed, saying, “If this is their whole argument—they ain’t got nothin’.”

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The Senator explained that when Attorney General Barr received the Mueller report, he released his 4-page summary of the conclusions to Congress and to the public. On March 27th, Mr. Mueller asked Barr to release the additional 19 pages of the introduction and summary that Mueller prepared. Cruz read Mueller’s request aloud, “I am requesting that you provide these materials to Congress, and authorize their public release at this time.” Cruz explained, “The reason he said that, is that to fully capture the context, nature, and substance and the office’s work and conclusion. Cruz continued,  “So you did not release those 19 pages at that time, instead, a couple of weeks later, you released 448 pages—the entire report, which includes those 19 pages. Do I have that timeline right?” he asked Attorney General Barr. “That’s right,” Barr responded.

Cruz, sarcastically continued with his explanation of events, saying, “So their argument is—General Barr—you suppressed the 19 pages that are entirely public, that we have, that we can read, that they know every word of it. And their complaint is that it was delayed a couple of weeks.” Cruz concluded his assessment of the Democrats complaint, reminding everyone that Barr made that decision to wait before releasing the documents “piecemeal” so he could instead, release the entire 448 page Mueller report all at once.

Finally, Senator Cruz told AG Barr, “If that is their argument, I have to say, that is an exceptionally weak argument.”

Attorney General Barr, who just spent his entire day being berated, bullied and unfairly accused by angry Democrat Senators, surprised everyone when he busted out laughing at Senator Cruz’s brilliant breakdown of the manufactured accusations by a desperate group of politicians, who feared Trump would win the election in 2016, and fear he will win again in 2020.


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