In a video interview analysis with the Epoch Times, Japanese investigative journalist Misako Ganaha Describes the events that happened that resulted in the murder of Ashli Babbit at America’s DC capitol.

Ganaha explains the process that agent provocateurs used to agitate crowds and escalate violence and chaos.  One of the things Ganaha points out about the videos is that several of the people in the room at Babbit’s death were “not Trump supporters.” According to her, they were clearly ANTIFA/BLM agitators.

This is backed up by numerous reports, now, indicating that an Antifa/BLM rally was held on the same day as Donald Trump’s rally (see images of advertisements below) in order to agitate and that Antifa members like John Sullivan and Logan Grimes were present that day at the capitol and have subsequently been arrested.

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John Sullivan advertised the “Dump Trump For Good” event in DC on Jan.6th on social media:

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An image advertising for leftist agitators to meet on Jan. 6th in DC. This image was found on an Instagram friend of John Sullivan:

The agitation process works something like this:

Antifa/BLM initiates the physical breach on an intentionally poorly-secured building (US capitol)and make it seem normal to those behind them

They then get on bullhorns and encourage others to push forward as well, having given them the courage to follow inside

Then they keep pushing forward as others follow them believing that things are ok to do this

As they push forward, they amp up the crowd trying to hype anything that could be perceived to be negative in order to convince now-agitated crowd members to take drastic actions.

They commit violence with the Trump Supporters

They melt into the background or flee and keep shouting as others push forward for them, hoping they will commit drastic actions.

All the while, they film it and use that footage to blame the other side for the crimes they have instigated.

However, as the headline suggests, At around the 3:25 mark, Ganaha discusses a particularly telling moment when, after encouraging the violence that led to Ashli Babbit’s death, one of the agitators steps away, behind the officers and down the stairs behind police in order to change clothes, in what appears to be an effort to prevent himself from being recognized from a moment before when he has been breaking the glass on doors and agitating the crowd.

“He’s not a Trump Supporter!” said Ganaha “He was leading the crowd and communicating with that other [agitator].  He was changing his appearance.  Why would a Trump supporter do that? He was trying to agitate people to go inside the building further so that they have the confrontation between Trump supporters and police.” 

She later suggests that John Sullivan, who was there filming, would then use the footage of these breaches and violence and anything that happened to disparage Trump Supporters.  However, the interesting thing is this:

“He was putting his hat or his shirt into the backpack and he changed his appearance so that he could stay there without being caught…so people would not know it was him” 

So, a man dressed as a Trump supporter and then melts into the background after the violence that he instigated reaches its peak and then watches the chaos from the back, after hiding any MAGA clothing he may have had on in his backpack.

There is precedence for this behavior from Antifa.

Dressing up as Trump supporters and causing chaos to make Trump supporters look bad or just rile them up has been a long-standing tradition for the ANTIFA/BLM crowd:


The January 6th rally had several hundreds of thousands of people–likely a million or more–people in attendance.  The rally itself was objectively peaceful and Donald Trump encouraged peace and patriotism, not violence.  However, while there is no denying that some of the violence was caused by Trump supporters, mounting evidence keeps suggesting that it was also initiated, fomented, conducted, and escalated by ANTIFA/BLM agitators, a violent, left-wing group responsible for countless riots in 2020 and prior, including during Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017 which resulted in millions in damages and over 200 people arrested.

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