Multiple Air Force cadets had their religious exemptions for the Covid-19 vaccine denied despite the chaplain at the United States Air Force Academy saying their request was based on sincerely held religious views.  The cadets now choose to either get the vaccine by the deadline that lands on April 6 or getting expelled from the Air Force Academy.

Brownstone Institute Reported



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“About a week ago a United States Air Force Academy cadet was informed by a superior officer that upon returning from the Cadet Wing’s spring break, he would receive an ultimatum: Receive the Department of Defense (DOD) mandatory Covid vaccine or be expelled from the academy upon return.

On Tuesday the order became official, giving all the cadets involved 5 days to receive the vaccine, resign from the academy, or receive disciplinary expulsion from the Air Force for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The cadets face a Faustian bargain; whether to comply with an order that violates their religious principles and remain members of the Cadet Wing or refuse the vaccine and lose their lifelong dreams of graduating from the academy and serving their country as Air Force officers.

The cadets, many of whom were raised in deeply religious homes before attending the academy, share the sincere belief that receiving the Covid mRNA-engineered vaccine conflicts with their religious beliefs. An Air Force Academy chaplain interviewed these cadets and in every case which we are aware of, determined that their religious beliefs are sincere.”

The cadets are in good health and do not have comorbidities that would make them more likely to get seriously ill from Covid-19.  Some have been infected with Covid, and none were hospitalized or had severe symptoms.  They attempted to cite over 150 studies showing that natural immunity is more protective than vaccinated immunity, which failed to persuade the Air Force Academy.

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