The captain of an Austrian Airlines flight started to feel unwell and became incapacitated during descent into Vienna, according to The Aviation Herald.

The Aviation Herald reports:

An Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration OE-LZA performing flight OS-188 from Stuttgart (Germany) to Vienna (Austria), was enroute at 310 nearing the top of descent towards Vienna when the captain started to feel unwell. While descending towards Vienna the captain became incapacitated, the first officer took control of the aircraft, continued the descent towards Vienna and intercepted the localizer for runway 34. Upon intercepting the glidepath the captain recovered and was able to resume his duties. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 34.

“The captain became incapacitated, first officer took control of aircraft & descended towards Vienna. Plane landed safely,” William Makis wrote.

Makis has tracked airline pilot incapacitations and deaths.

100 Percent Fed Up reported earlier this week on the sudden passing of a 37-year-old Alaska Airlines pilot during his layover.


37-Year-Old Pilot Reportedly Passes Away On a Layover

Freedom Flyers President and Co-Founder Josh Yoder said Sunday a 37-year-old Alaska Airlines pilot was found deceased in his hotel room on September 23rd when he didn’t show up for his scheduled airport transportation.

It appears the deceased individual is Seattle-based pilot Eric McRae.

The Facebook group “Alaska Airlines Flight Crew to Heaven” posted Sunday about McRae’s passing.

Via Facebook:

It is with extreme sadness that I am sharing the loss of one of our own.

Seattle based Captain Eric McRae tragically passed away yesterday while on a layover. Though completely unexpected and untimely we have no reason to believe foul play was involved.

Eric’s ties to the Alaska Airlines family run deep. Eric was a proud father and shared two beautiful young children with his wife Chael, an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant. His father is retired Alaska Captain Tom McRae.

Out of respect for Eric’s family’s need for peace and time to grieve, we will not be sharing any further details at this time. We will continue to support the family in every way we possibly can.

If / when a service is planned, we will communicate those details based on the family’s wishes.

May be an image of 1 person, aircraft and text that says 'Alaska Airlines FLIGHT CREW TO HEAVEN Always remembered'

*Image from Facebook Group Alaska Airlines Flight Crew to Heaven*

According to Eric McRae’s LinkedIn profile, he worked as an Alaska Airlines pilot since 2014.

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