In a town where God is front and center in many of the residents lives, and race baiting is not welcomed, why would the “Reverend” Al Sharpton bother making such a trip?


On June 4, 2015, Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon displayed photos of three men named by a fourth as suspects in the shooting death of a five-year-old West Ashley girl in 2011.

Cannon said the three men, identified at the press conference as Philip Moses, Franklin Glover and Levell Grant, were named by Shyrome Johnson, the man arrested in North Charleston Thursday on a charge of obstruction of justice in the death of Allison Griffor.

“These names are not new,” Cannon said. “They have been identified before.”

Cannon’s news conference was scheduled at the same time Johnson was set to face a bond judge on the obstruction charge.

“It does not yet put us into a position to charge anyone with murder,” Cannon said. But he said his deputies are focused on the men as suspects. “This is a step in the ongoing investigation into the murder of this little girl. We feel it is a significant step.”

Johnson is accused of lying to investigators about the fatal shooting of the child Oct. 25, 2011. Charleston County Asst. Sheriff Mitch Lucas said Johnson is also a suspect in the fatal shooting.

Court documents allege Johnson, who spoke to a Charleston County detective after being arrested on an unrelated charge in July, 2014, admitted lying in earlier interviews about the Griffor shooting. Johnson also named several parties, whose identities have not been released, who may have been involved, the documents state.

Griffor was sleeping in her bed when her parents heard someone kicking at the door of their Pierpont Avenue home at approximately 1 a.m. When William Griffor walked to the door, police say the would-be intruder opened fire with a shotgun and one of the pellets hit Allison in the head.

She died at MUSC several days later.

Cannon has said deputies have had “a good idea” of who was involved and said some of the suspects were later jailed on other charges. Investigators have not as yet been able to bring murder charges in the case, however. Via: Live 5 | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

Allison Griffor was murdered while she slept in her bed in the Griffor family home in West Ashley. Since her death, the family said they are at peace with what happened and said the final picture she ever drew predicted the awful shooting.

“Who goes to a door with a loaded weapon,” William Griffor asked News 2’s Rebecca Ryan during an exclusive interview with the family.


William said he woke up to loud banging on the front door of their Pierpont Avenue home on October 25. 2011.

“It was a loud a kicking,” he recalled. “I jumped out of bed. I was half asleep, and then there was a shot.”

According to investigators someone fired a shotgun into the house in an attempted home invasion.

“She was covered in blood,” Allison’s mother, Jennifer, said. “I thought William dropped her and she broke her nose.”

allison and mommy

But the situation was much worse.

“I rolled her over to see if she was ok,” Jennifer continued. “Her eyes were dilated. She wasn’t there. It was dumbfounding. It didn’t make sense. What happened? She was in her bed sleeping.”

According to investigators, some of the pellets buzzed through the home and hit Allison as she slept in her bed. Medics rushed the child to the hospital.

“They called up to say she was stable,” Jennifer remembered. “I started calling my mom. I told them I think she’s going to be ok. What they meant was she was on machines, and they had stabilized her.”

In the hospital, tests showed six pellets lodged in her brain. She wasn’t responding to brain tests. For four days the family said they prayed for a miracle.

“God has a way of deciding how his miracle will be given,” Jennifer smiled.

“It’s such blessing to know that someone else can have a tomorrow because of the love of our little girl,” William concluded.

The family donated her organs to four other people. Now Allison is buried outside Detroit. A bench is a place her brothers, Lucas and Aiden, can reflect and remember their sister.

“I really miss her,” her older brother, Aiden, said. “I miss having her as my playmate and stuff.”

Though it’s hard for the family to move forward, they said they are holding strong to their faith.

“God has given us peace,” William Griffor said. “I don’t know who was there or why. But I know Jesus was with our little girl. And I know I’ll see her again in heaven.”

William and Jennifer agree they will meet again with their daughter, and they said the night before she died they believe she drew a picture that predicted the death has given them even greater faith.

“She didn’t do her homework that night, and months and months later we were looking for something to put on her grave bench,” William explained. “She drew the whole night what happened.”

“We want others to know no matter what you’re going through the Lord is there,” Jennifer said as she explained the drawing dated 10-24-11.


In the year since the shooting the family said they have begun praying for the killers and hope they find faith and forgiveness.

“The way we feel is that God has given us peace and our goals are to pray to soften the criminals’ hearts and pray for those who received organ donations,” Jennifer wrote in an email following the interview in Detroit. “It is not about agony or pain. God has given us peace. It’s the longing we are dealing with. We are so excited to share Allison’s drawing and want this to be more of a focus on God and his blessings in times of sorrow,” she concluded.

“They probably didn’t mean to kill my little girl,” William expanded. “They meant to shoot into the house and scare us. I forgive them. I really do. It’s in God’s hands, and all I know is I have to focus on my kids and my wife.”

The family said they are still looking for a place to settle. They made the Charleston region their home. Following the shooting, they left the area and have since moved to a few other cities looking for jobs. Via: News 2

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