According to Sharpton, dogwhistles, racism and social media are all reasons Trump won election. But race-baiter for hire Al Sharpton says he isn’t going to blame anyone.

“I think we are in a real moment…like Nixon”???

“He [Trump] did all of the dogwhistles. This is not Bernie Sanders populism, this is George Wallace populism that he’s doing. 

But he cannot say he did not run a campaign that has created a lot of racial fears and a lot of divisiveness and he played to the crowd and he knew what he was playing to. [Is he talking about Obama?]

I know him here in New York. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was playing to the worst elements. The question is now what are you going to do?”

Anyone wanna take bets about how many visits Al will make to White House after January 20, 2016…

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