Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is playing hardball against the ‘out of state liberals’ who want to destroy or remove Confederate monuments in her state. She’s got more common sense in her pinky finger than all of Washington, D.C. We applaud her for standing up to the people who want to remove history.

“We can’t and shouldn’t even try to charge or erase or tear down our history. We must learn from our history,” – Kay Ivey

Check out this great ad for Ivey’s reelection:

AL Com:

Alabama doesn’t need “folks in Washington” or “out-of-state liberals” instructing the state on what it should do with Confederate monuments, Gov. Kay Ivey said Tuesday.

Ivey, during a campaign appearance in Foley, defended a new campaign ad released earlier in the day that touted the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017, which she signed into law less than 11 months ago.

“I believe the people agreed with that decision and support in protecting our historical monuments,” Ivey said after speaking at a Baldwin County Young Republicans function. Her appearance also occurred one day before the Reckon by GOP governor’s debate at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Lyric Fine Arts Theatre in Birmingham. Ivey said she does not plan to attend.

“We can’t and shouldn’t even try to charge or erase or tear down our history. We must learn from our history,” Ivey said.

The law requires local governments to obtain state permission before altering or renaming historically significant buildings and monuments that date back to 40 years or longer. The law also creates a 11-member commission which is charged with determining whether historic buildings or monuments can be moved or renamed.

Ivey, in her campaign ad, criticized Alabama outsiders for pushing an agenda on the state.

“Up in Washington, they always know better,” Ivey said at the beginning of the clip. “Politically correct nonsense, I say.”

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