The National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team visited the White House a few days ago. The full video of their visit is below but the clip that’s most important was caught by a reporter who tweeted it out (see below).

The moment occurred when Alabama player JK Scott asked if he could pray for the president and his staff. JK spoke out afterwards to tell how it all happened:

A reporter covering the event caught the moment and posted it on Twitter:

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What a cool moment! [email protected] JK Scott asked @POTUS if he could pray for him and his staff. Video below shows President Trump and Bama players praying after the Tide’s @WhiteHouse visit!

The team had a meeting with President Trump at the White House beforehand. Coach Nick Saban and the Championship team won the game against Georgia 26-23. The team gave President Trump a jersey with his name on the back and a helmet with the number one on it.

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