Harvard-trained Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz has weighed in multiple times regarding the ongoing witch-hunt against President Donald Trump. He believes the latest indictment has very little merit but does have one strength.

Dershowitz noted that he was surprised that the latest allegations against Trump had any strength. Dershowitz went on to explain that the concern involves a text exchange between Trump and a writer. According to Daily Mail, Trump allegedly told the writer he knew the documents in his hand were secret and that he could have declassified them but chose not to. He then apparently said he would show the documents to the writer as proof.

The story is difficult to swallow. Why Trump would show someone a classified document and say he opted not to declassify it seems a bit suspect. It does not help that America has witnessed countless conspiracies designed to cripple the popular nationalist leader. Americans trust Trump far more than they trust any other government entity. This case has all the signs of another witch hunt devised to take Trump out of the 2024 elections.

Dershowitz was critical of the prosecutor’s allegations and noted that so many frivolous charges were added to the lawsuit against Trump there was a good chance it could upend the case entirely. He said weak charges make stronger charges more questionable to the jurors,

I’ve seen many cases lost by prosecutors because they have over-indicted and overly introduced evidence that didn’t persuade the jury.

And the jury say to themselves: oh, my God, if they are planning to go after him on these weak charges, how can we trust them on the strong charges?”


When asked if Trump would likely serve jail time, Dershowitz said he did not think so. He did caution that Trump should be cautious about what he says. He summed up the allegations by saying they were, for the most part, very weak but that the entire strength of the case involved the alleged recording of Trump talking about possessing secret documents that were not unclassified. He noted that the strength of that argument was that it did not depend on a witness.

“But what’s so strong about that one recorded phone call is that it doesn’t rely on the credibility of witnesses. It stands for itself.”
Trump is also being accused of trying to hide documents. Dershowitz indicated that there was not sufficient evidence against the President. He said,

“If it can be proved that there was an intent to hide classified documents to make sure that the federal government never got them, it might be serious. But the fact that Trump didn’t destroy them, however, would undercut that.”
Dershowitz also noted that Trump’s document case is being handled far differently from Joe Biden’s. Very few in the media have acknowledged that there is a very large gap between what Presidents and Vice Presidents are able to do with documents. Joe Biden was Vice President at the time he took documents. And VPs do not have the same authority to declassify classified documents. If the entire indictment was not partisan, Joe Biden would be under far harsher scrutiny than Trump.

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