Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz has quickly become the most hated man in the elitist Democrat circles, where he used to be revered and showered with love.

This weekend, Dershowitz appeared on Series XM with Breibart News, where he dropped a bombshell about dirty billionaire, George Soros and the left-wing community organizer turned president, Barack Obama.

Dershowitz told Breitbart News Sunday this weekend that billionaire left-wing financier George Soros told then-President Barack Obama to investigate someone.

Dershowitz would not identify who, precisely, the target of the investigation was, but said that the name would soon emerge in a lawsuit that had yet to be filed.

The revelation was so startling that this host had to double-check:

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Q: But let me just ask you — you said that George Soros asked Barack Obama to have his Justice Department investigate somebody?

Dershowitz: We’re — that’s going to come out in a lawsuit in the near future. Yeah

Q: Wow, well, we look forward to hearing more about that news.

Dershowitz: That’s not unusual. That is not unusual. People whisper to presidents all the time. Presidents whisper to [the] Justice Department all the time. It’s very common. It’s wrong, whoever does it, but it’s common, and we shouldn’t think that it’s unique to any particular president. I have in my possession the actual 302 form [an FBI record of an interview], which documents this issue, and it will, at the right time, come out. But I’m not free to disclose it now because it’s a case that’s not yet been filed.

“The president could make a decision to really control the Justice Department. He could decide who to prosecute and who not to prosecute,” Dershowitz said, defending President Trump.

Listen to Dershowitz’s stunning revelation here:

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Obama’s White House will go down as one of the dirtiest in American history.

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